Data network modernization and virtualization

NetNordic has delivered some of the largest and most complex data network solutions in the Nordic region. Let us help modernizing yours! Innovations in network technology and cloud computing provide numerous business opportunities and carry huge economic potential.

In a competitive market where almost every operation depends on the network, a flexible infrastructure, high availability, and predictable performance are key factors for your success. At NetNordic, we know how crucial your network is and we know how business continuity may suffer even from minor disruptions. NetNordic can help you modernize and virtualize your network suited to meet the expanding requirements for access, mobility, big data load, application and service availability.

Data network solutions that meets your needs

Access to the corporate network or to cloud-based applications is crucial for today’s mobile and dispersed workforces: Anytime, anywhere, using any device! Our solutions enable you to provide the mobile and wireless access that users demand without compromising speed or security. Infrastructure and access solutions for your fixed network prepare your company for transitions to real-time operations, geographic extensions, growth of users and information flow.

Reduced complexity, faster roll-out of services

Recognizing the need for reduced complexity and added functionality, NetNordic has the competitive data network solutions and technology for large mission-critical networks. Our solutions target the new challenges brought about by the growth in content consumption and size.

Is your business prepared for the digital leap

prepares your network for bandwidth-hungry applications, big data load, cloud, voice and video. Now and in the future.


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