Software Defined Catacenter solutions

NetNordic offers innovative Data Center Solutions based on the latest technologies from market leading partners. By virtualizing and simplifying your Data Center, your company will gain significant competitive advantages and radically lower operational costs.

Powerful market trends such as mobile, cloud, social and big data is forcing innovations to the Data Centre. The Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC) is considered by many to be the next sted in the evolution of servier virtualization and cloud computing. Many enterprises have already deployed server and storage virtualization, and are now focusing on network virtualization. As the components within the Data Center are being virtualized (servers, storage and networking), the end game of the SDDC is to compine, customize and commission resources from the servier storage and networking pools. In other words, the great benefit of SDDC is your ability to orchestrate, coordinate and allocate the resources in your modern Data Center. SDDC simplifies operational management and ensures that applications or services meet the capacity, availability and the response time your business require.

NetNordic Software Defined Data Center

NetNordic can assist your company in deploying a Software Defined Data Center customized to your needs. Our company operates as an independent system integrator working with best-in-class technologies and open standards. Our experienced consultants can help to assess and evaluate your business, and implement a solution based on your current and future needs.

Virtualizing and Simplifying your Data Center

• We streamline Data Center resources and radically lowers capital cost and operational expense by reducing the number of devices in a Data Center

• We implement next-generation Data Center platforms as a one single scalable system

• We can be your One dedicated partner that take full responsibility of your Data Center

• We deliver solutions for various industries and segments including enterprise and service providers

By deploying a SDDC in your business, you will be able to deliver much more IT flexibility and bring efficiency and agility in your organisation’s business processes. Your IT operation department can turn up new applications significantly faster, and be much more responsive to needs from your users and customer base.


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