Admission Control Solution

  • Secure, remote admission control via web portal
  • Easier operational management of ICT systems
  • Gives temporary, automated work process orders to defined user groups

NetNordic has during the last 7-8 years worked closely with companies in the Oil and Gas industry, which has resulted in our development of NetNordic Shield – a Secure Admission Control Solution. This is an end-to-end solution aimed for increased control and operational effectiveness of offshore production platforms for the Oil & Gas Industry. The concept is a dynamic security solution to provision, control, protect and log access to offshore applications.

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Solution Highlights
  • NetNordic Shield – a Secure Admission Control Solution, is designed as a foundation for realizing the potential in Integrated Operations. Not only is it based on, but it also supports the recommendations in the Norwegian guidelines  NOG104. NetNordic Shield has the potential to increase the efficiency regarding maintenance and administration, and reduce vulnerabilities related to ICT operations offshore.
  • NetNordic Shield gives secure admission control from a remote site to applications and equipment offshore – and onshore.
  • Two of the most prominent Oil & Gas projects on the Norwegian Continental shelf for the past decade; Gjøa by GDF Suez E&P Norway and Goliat by ENI Norway, have now chosen NetNordic Shield to handle their admission control.
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